Hoodia gordonii fresh from the field available at ZAR 8.00 per kg (approximately $ 0.95 ) !! ... Read on

Info regarding our Hoodia gordonii product

Hoodia gordonii are grown as naturally as possible.

The average age of plants harvested is 5 years and older.

No pesticides or artificial additives/fertilizers are used for cultivation.

Only Hoodia gordonii stems are used for our product

Harvested plants are cleaned and unwanted areas/blemishes removed.

Plants are chipped and sun/wind dried in controlled conditions. (Drying takes about 2 days)

We only commit ourselves to providing capsules of 360 mg each. Bulk dried material is also available on request.

The dried material is clean and tests have shown that any organism count is almost non-existant. The milled material is irradiated at a dosage of 10 kGy just as a precaution.

Encapsulating is done at a registered and respected professional institution.

For export or local sales we have capsules of 360 mg each packed in sealed bags of 5,000 capsules. The minimum order is 5,000 capsules. Larger orders are multiples thereof.

The pricing structure is as such that even at dosages of 6 capsules (2160 mg) or more, per day, it will be affordable to most clients.

We encourage clients to compare our prices with other Hoodia gordonii products.

We now have fresh large Hoodia gordonii available at an unbelievable price.

For Hoodia bulk quotations, wholesale or retail

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  • Fresh Hoodia gordonii available at ZAR 8.00 per kg (approximately $ 0.95 ) !! ... Read on

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